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Python and Django: why do many companies choose them to build projects?

Python and Django

What framework do well-known companies use?

Software development involves the use of various programming languages and tools. You can create a unique and outstanding product that users will love using quality tools. Python is a very popular programming language that is often used for software development. 67% of companies that use this programming language were created using Django. And this is not surprising because this framework has many advantages. Today we want to discuss Django website examples and show how this framework can be useful for you.

Key features

This program makes it easy for developers to build apps and websites during every project discovery phase because it has the following essential advantages:

  • Platform development speed. You have the opportunity to create a functioning application or MVP literally within a day.
  • Availability of all tools. The complex of ready-made tools (site map, channel structure, database schema migration, address routing, authentication, etc.) allows developers to create a quality product.
  • Scalability. Sites based on this tool quickly change their scale, adapting to the current load on the platform.
  • Safety and reliability. The framework has an internal protection system against external attacks and hacks. Its structure eliminates as many possible mistakes as possible when creating a platform.
  • Versatility. This system makes it possible to create any platform – from content regulation to complex computing sites.

In addition, it is convenient because it eliminates repetition (DRY principle) and is not tied to the host platform, making it possible to run from any operating system.

Top Reasons Why You Should Try It

Classical software development takes a lot of time, effort, and money. However, some tools allow you to simplify this process as much as possible and create an IT product quickly.

You should choose this framework if you have a small project with a limited budget. It is entirely free, which makes the development as cost-effective as possible.

Also, this framework is suitable for those who do not have a large development team. Thanks to the simple syntax, you don’t need an extensive command to work with this tool.

Also, this framework is chosen by those who want to create high-quality software that will please users and remain competitive for a long time.

Who turned to this framework?

Companies that have already applied this system belong to entirely different fields of activity.

Below we will consider several giants whose platforms function smoothly precisely because they use this framework.


This platform is widely known for its Firefox browser but also has other projects. And using this framework, the MDN Web Docs service and the Mozilla support site were created.

The Mozilla platform appeared in 1998 and is one of the oldest in the Internet industry. The user audience has long exceeded the mark of 500 million people.


Here users also have the opportunity to change photos and search for images according to their interests.

The platform started in 2010. Currently, more than 500 million people use the site every month.

This framework is in great demand, specifically for creating platforms like social networks. Because on such sites, the user load and the amount of data increase dramatically. Scalability helps deal with these fluctuations.


This platform, which has been operating since 2008, is interested in many developers who regularly use this service to create more than 6 million repositories annually.

The group decided to use it because this program is a great tool that offers all kinds of solutions ready for the project. And the principle of DRY (do not repeat yourself) was also important to them.


It is the most developing platform that allows sharing of photo and video files. Instagram has been launched since 2010. Facebook bought it two years later.

Since 2018, this platform has had over a billion users and a throughput of 500 million people daily.

For the site to scale and cope with the processing of colossal amounts of information, the Instagram team initially decided to create a platform using this framework. Thanks to this, the number of users is steadily growing, but this does not affect the performance of the Instagram platform in any way.


Drop Box is the most demanded virtual file content storage: text, music, video, and image. This storage can be accessed from any electronic device with the Internet. Thanks to the properties of this tool, this platform has the function of account synchronization and content sharing, and user history is available.


It is a platform designed for online courses for both adults and students. About 40 million students now use Udemy. This site provides 155 thousand classes with 70 thousand teachers.

To date, about 500 million people have signed up on the platform. This tool helps Udemy process large amounts of information that can be accessed anytime.

As we can see, this framework has helped to solve many problems for huge companies, helping their platforms to function smoothly despite heavy loads.

SECL group

Large companies need a website to sell their products and services. And the larger the company, the more tasks will need to be solved using the complex site architecture. With many users, the platform must be able to handle traffic and a large amount of content.

The company solves these tasks with 15 years of successful practice and completed projects in this area. The company has many qualified specialists. All the projects they have created are multifunctional, withstand high traffic, and can scale online.

Their product is sold in the following areas: media, automotive, construction, food, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, and more. Turning to the SECL group, the tasks of your sites will be solved quickly and efficiently.

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